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Just posted to the HP_Kinkfest!

I just posted my fic to the HP_Kinkfest! Yay! I'm done!

Now I can go and read everything everyone else has been posting! LOL


So... hermione_smut fics are due on the 15th of October. I'm almost 4,000 words in and haven't written a word of smut yet. 


Oh yeah, and I haven't arranged a beta yet.

I admit it. I am totally addicted to Pinterest. I *adore* seeing all the great recipes and crafts and DIY stuff. So, I saw homemade tile coasters that were stamped with Staz-On ink and alcohol ink. I made some, and I LOVE how they came out. Total cost for SIX custom coasters: $3.50. That's less than £2! And I just wrapped them in a simple pretty ribbon. I like how they came out, and I will certainly make them again for more gifts. 

Homemade tile coasters


I signed up!

I signed up for Round Six of Hermione_Smut! Yay!



I haven't posted in almost six months. I miss my LJ friends! 

Here's where I am:
  • I've lost 125 pounds.
  • I've dropped 14 sizes. 
  • My bra size has gone down by eight inches (but no cups, yet - yay!)
  • My insulin resistance is gone.
  • My restless leg syndrome is gone.
  • I've lost quite a bit of hair, but only on my head. I still have to shave. grrrr. The docs assure me that it may very well come back.
  • I've been beta-ing my heart out.
  • I am almost done with chapter 17 of Wands and Wheezes.
  • Work is going well.
  • I've discovered that I'm more kinky than I ever thought, and the HP Kinkfest helped me do it. LOL Losing all the weight is helping me feel more confident in this pursuit.
  • I neeeeeeeeeeed to exercise, but I truly hate it. 


Health Update! (I've been remiss...)

I just realized I haven't posted to my LJ since OCTOBER. Yikes!

I'm still in the fandom, although life has been kicking my butt.

As you know, I had gastric bypass surgery on July 6, 2011. It took FOREVER to get better, and I didn't understand why. A colleague in another department had the same surgery as I did on the same day, and she went back to work WEEKS before I did.

Well, in the end of October -- just after my last post, in fact -- I had a massive gall bladder attack. It was awful! Less than a week later, and I was back in the hospital, having it removed. It's taken a while to recover, but I think I'm well on my way to being MUCH better.

The bad side of the whole thing is that I seem to be unable to eat untoasted bread and poultry. It's really unpleasant when I try.

However, I have lost 100 (ONE HUNDRED!!!) pounds in seven months! FTW! My health is at an all-time high, which is awesome.

Halloween 2012 - costume decided!

Yeah. I know. I'm a dork.

But I decided that I want to go to Halloween as Luna Lovegood. She's so much FUN!

Click to see the pics!Collapse )

Hermione_Smut is posting!

So... the fics are being posted at Hermione_Smut. Be sure to give them a read -- they're all excellent!!!

I've been MIA...

So, it's taking me a while to recover from my surgery. I'm physically recovered from the actual surgery, but the doctors say residual anesthesia will take about six months to work all the way out of my system. I'm tired. A lot. 

But I've now lost about 65 pounds. Yay! 

Borderline high blood pressure: gone.
Arthritis in my knees: not as bad as before surgery.
Sleep apnea: lessening (slowly -- it's more genetic than weight-related in my case).

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